So that was Hong Kong…

After a lengthy delay when my both creativity and internet connectivity suffered, the insight into my head returns (Ross Fenton will be delighted). 

Hong Kong was my stopover enroute to Oz, and very good it was too.

It’s a very interesting place witha real juxtaposition between Old (typically Eastern and fairly stereotypical sights) and New (Western influences - there are more Starbucks there than you can shake a stirrer at, and the locals love the premier Western brands).

The city boasts a truly staggering skyline - the beautiful harbour and sky-reaching skyscrapers guarantee that. It is even better at night when most of the buildings are lit up by neon. Worth seeing. 

Locals were friendly, especially near the hotel which to my surprise (honestly) appeared to be about 30 seconds from the red light district.

Thankfully, there was also a number of good pubs and clubs nearby. Most featured live music most nights, including a Hendrix tribute band which ended with the guitarist setting his instrument on FIRE. Rock and indeed roll. 

Regrets (maybe not the best start to a sentence after mentioning hookers…) - not arriving early enough to take in the late night horse racing at Happy Valley. I would have also liked to have got out of the city and taken in some of the outlying ‘territories’ but time got the better of me. 

Overall, a good few days.

Next update - Sydney, uncertainty, Umina and a bloody big snake.